The best way to ruin a dumb protest is to join it badly

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haven’t been to a show in a while. I live in LA now, i should go out more.

Location is at a tire shop 1828 e gage ave Los Angeles 90001

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My future kid

Oink oink

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Played: 22
Artist: The New Yorker
Album: Living Among Winners and Losers
Trackname: Taxi Driver

One of the best bands to spawn into existence

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The Burning Monk- Thich Quang Duc (1963) sat down in meditation position at Saigon. He then poured gasoline all over his body and set himself alight. He maintained his calm meditative position and did not even make a sound while his body burned and then within a few minutes toppled over. His body was consumed but his heart remained intact. It was placed in the Reserve Bank of Vietnam and is called the Symbol Of The Holy Heart.

He wanted to show people that we can do incredible things when we practice mindfulness. He also wanted to show the world the injustice that was being perpetrated on the Buddhist religion and community by a repressive regime. Needless to say, it worked pretty well and the government softened up on the Buddhist. He is a remarkable symbol of the incredible power the mind holds.


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Abandoned dog that lived under a dumpster for 11 months is rescued and adopted [x]

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Artist: Violator
Album: Chemical Assault
Trackname: UxFxTx (United For Thrash)

Waking day by day

You see your life passing away

Nothing seems worth to fight

Nothing to loose,

'cause you're already lost

But there’s a way to be free

In the stage dive!

Breath the Underground

United for Thrash!

Breakout the Impositions

United for Thrash!

You born with a role

All decisions have been chose

(but)Who the fuck choose for you?

They can call us maniacs

but we don’t live for the greed

Thrash back all lies

in their fuckin’ faces

Breeth the Underground

United for Thrash!

Breakout the Impositions

United for Thrash!

It doesn’t matter if you bang or slam

We’re all the same in the circle pit

Hunting rip offs, Nazis and Christians

Bonded by blood we’ll stand until the end!

Until the End!

United For Thrash!


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